# How to install the addon.

Add-Ons work with Minecraft PE version v0.16.0 or later. Please make sure you have updated to the newest version.

1. Tap on the addon you would like to install from the list.
2. Tap on the download button. The download will begin. You might see a popup ad depending on the item. You can close the ad by using the close button on the top.
3. Once the download is complete, you will see a menu on the bottom. Select Copy to Minecraft PE.
4. Now, Minecraft app will launch with the addon file.
4a. If you're opening a McWorld, the game with the addon applied will automatically launch.
4b. If you're opening a McPack, you will get a notification saying that the pack has been successfully imported. It will then be available when editing worlds in the Behavior Pack tab or Resource Pack tab.

For installing McPack, please tap on the link below for more detailed instructions.
Detailed McPack Installation Guide

# Resolving "Duplicate pack detected" error

Please update the Add-On as below if you encounter Duplicate pack detected error.

1. Remove previous version of the Add-On by navigating to Settings > Storage in Minecraft PE. 2. Force close the Minecraft.
3. Install new version of the Add-On.

# Why are there these popup ads?

Many of the addons in this app are provided by the third party addon creators. While the addons are released in public, many of the creators do ask people downloading the addons to view the ads first so they can earn money to continue with the development. We have linked such ads when applicable to honor their requests.

# I would like to list my world or add-on in this app.

Thank you very much! Please send us the addon as a compressed zip file to addons@kayenworks.com. If you have a webpage and/or ads link for the addon, please tell us on the email as well. We will test the addon and get back to you within few days.

  • Detailed McWorld Submission Guide (iOS)
  • Detailed McWorld Submission Guide (Android)
  • # I have a question/suggestion.

    Please contatct us at addons@kayenworks.com if you have any questions or suggestions.

    # Disclaimer

    This app is not an official minecraft product. It is not approved by or associated with Mojang.